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Aditya Kaushal
Closest Guerlain Vetiver Clone Ever

If you have ever tried Guerlain Vetiver and by chance even own a Bottle and wanna save Some Money on the New Guerlain Prices which are quite expensive now , Look No further and end your search here , This is the best Inspiration right here and I own around 45 Full bottles from Saurabh Bhai and Trust me this makes the Top 5 List from his Creations . This is a Beauty in a Bottle and Try Spraying this with Ruh Khus Applied on Skin you will feel the Ultimate Magic

Guerlain Vetiver is a Vetiver Frag which is like a Must own Frag if you like the Vetiver Frags and this Perfectly fits the Bill 10/10 if you are on Budget 🙏🏻

Absolutely stunning cover of the OG

As a long time vetiver fan/addict when it comes to vetiver perfumes i just have to give in to temptation. For me, like a million others probably, Guerlain vetiver is the reference vetiver of all time. And the vintage EDC is as sublime as a fragrance can get. Timeless 2.0 interprets the complex pyramid of Guerlain vetiver as perfectly as possible. Smoky vetiver, woody, spicy (the cloves&nutmeg accord is absolutely spot-on). It's just brilliant! In all honesty i just can't believe it's this good. Even a hardcore Guerlain fan would be hard pressed to differentiate between this and the OG. - 10/10

Vetiver Love

करि फुलेल को आचमन मीठो कहत सराहि।
रे गंधी मतिमंद तू इतर दिखावत काँहि

A very apt saying for a fragrance note which needs no introduction or praise and one of the most used ingredients in perfumery 'Vetiver'.
When you talk about perfumes and Vetiver the first fragrance which generally comes to mind is Guerlain Vetiver. Yes, one of the most popular Vetiver fragrance after Ruh Khus.
Vetiver was launched by Guerlain in 1959 and it's flankers have been the most talked fragrance for Vetiver Lover.
Timeless 2.0 is a tribute to the Vintage edition of Vetiver 1959 by Guerlain from Scentedelic.
I haven't try the 1959 original blend but am sucker for the Guerlain Vetiver EDT. I can say that this Timeless creation is very very close to this legendary fragrance and a normal nose cannot difference between the two. This is Guerlain Vetiver on stroids a very green herbal fragrance with amped up Vetiver, Spices, Citrus and Tobacco notes, this is how the 1959 'may' have smelled.
All in all a lovely creation to have in your perfume arsenal.

Good quality

Green fresh soapy. It's a happy scent that can uplift your mood..perfect to start a day with this👍