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The sophistication of this aroma is likened to the sensation of tasting a tangy Grapefruit, followed by spicy Pink Pepper and bitter Bergamot. Sweet Orange lingers in the background with creamy Almonds and Neroli delicately enhancing the scent, before being grounded by earthy Vetiver and White Musk's soft sweetness.

Inspired by Guerlain's L'Homme Ideal Cologne, this versatile spring/summer scent can be worn by both men and women alike.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot, Pink Pepper

Middle Notes: Almond, Neroli

Base Notes: Vetiver, White Musk

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The calibre of his works absolutely left me speechless. Few can compare to his work, from the fragrance profile to the duration. Not to say the obvious, but I purchased 16 frags from him and I genuinely adore every single one of them. Don't even get me started on the samples; the packing was too shoddy. They were in great numbers! The branding is essentially the reason Dua and Alexandria command a high premium. If Scentedelic get the proper kind of attention, it may very well become the next big thing. Take care, my buddy, and may you succeed to the utmost degree.

Avinab Dey

A short story you'd like to hear bro. So I've tested and sampled like 50+perfume in this past one monthincluding alternatives, designersand niche. But the one that really stood out forme was Hypnodancer. Got a 5ml decant from Kis Itachi. One spray and I was in love with it. The juice is so sexy and potent. I was eagerlywaiting for an opportunity to wear. Day before yesterday I went to meet someone in the evening and wore hypnodancer. This girl doesn't have any idea about my love for perfumes and the minute we met the first thing she said You smell amazing". Not only her, her two male friends also happened to meet me and saath khade hote hi "someone smells good here". This is probably the first time I've received 3 compliments for 3 different people in one day.

Vinay Kumar

I ordered the samples and got perfumes with it.Testing begins from tomorrow.Disclaimer - THIS IS NOT A HYPE POST..Did not receive my dopamine today but i wasdiscussing with my friends over chat that these altsare so so so potent that even 1 spray done in the airfrom a small sample bottle leaves the entire housesmelling heaven. Generally I go nose blind with ambroxan note but notwith these alts! Walked into my closet and I could getthe whiffs of the perfume sprayed 2 days ago.. welldone sir. More reviews will be out after testing each sample one by one pls be patient.Saurabh Khatri yo tha man !

Singh Harsimran

I feel overpowered. I can only express my thanks to the creator. First off, I want to thank you and send my love to Saurabh Khatri. Despite the fact that we had never met or had a connection before, I was happy to speak with you. Throughout your life and even on the frag path as a maker and seller, you must have encountered thousands of individuals. However, you decided to talk to me about your bottle artwork just because I made a suggestion. I had only made a joke about getting the first bottle, but you actually sent me one. That says a lot about the manufacturer, who linked with other aficionados regardless of their differences and wasn't just a salesperson. You have all my gratitude and respect.

Ankush Sahoo

This man needs to be highly appreciated for his work.
Be it the fragrance, the bottles or the artwork his love for perfumes can be clearly felt and seen in his work. The amount of effort he puts in is commendable. Thank you bro, for these wonderful fragrances and
generous amount of samples. Haven't tried them all (though they all smell amazing from the atomiser
but I know for a fact that I am sorted for summers Dopamine and 1200 micrograms were the two freshies that I first tried from the SCENTEDELIC line and was highly impressed by the overall vibe and
amount of attention these fragrances pull.

Bhrigu Kohli

#scentedelic Couldn't resist. Excited. I don't know why I am feeling really happy. Bottle and artwork is extremely Good. Man what a bottle and in hand feelmake me think I am holding a niche indie house.Bless You Saurabh Khatri bhai. Lot of positivity in thebox as soon as I open it.

Mahesh Mandrekar

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