What makes Scentedelic scents special?
Answer: Our hand-made scents are special because they are made with luxurious ingredients and are of high quality. They are also long-lasting and high-performing, while still being reasonably priced. They are inspired by high-end niche and designer perfumes, so you can expect a product that captures the essence of these famous brands, but with a unique twist.

What type of occasions are Scentedelic scents perfect for?
Answer: Our scents are perfect for any occasion, from special events like weddings or proms to everyday use like for work or socializing. They are also great for casual wear, and for those days when you just want to feel extra special. Our scents can also be used to add an air of sophistication to your home or office. Whether you are looking for something special or just an everyday scent, our hand-made perfumes are designed to provide long-lasting, high quality results at a pocket-friendly price.
How do your scents compare with high-end niche and designer perfumes?
Answer: In terms of quality and effectiveness, our fragrances outperform high-end niche and designer perfumes.We use the same top-notch ingredients as their more expensive counterparts, ensuring a long-lasting scent with a luxurious finish. Moreover, our prices are more pocket friendly, making them a great choice for those looking to enjoy designer-level scent without spending a fortune.
What makes your scents long-lasting and high-quality? 
Answer:Our scents are made using only the highest quality ingredients, such as essential oils, natural plant extracts, and fragrance oils. We source our materials from reputable suppliers in the industry, ensuring that all of the ingredients used in our scents are of the highest quality and of the utmost purity. We then combine these ingredients with careful precision, creating blends that are not only long lasting, but also provide a pleasant and unique scent. All of our scents are also rigorously tested for quality, ensuring that each and every batch we produce is of the highest caliber.
Do you ship overseas?
       Answer: Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be
       added at checkout. We run discounts and promotions all year, so stay tuned           for exclusive deals.
How do you ensure each scent is pocket-friendly? 
Answer: We ensure each scent is pocket-friendly by carefully selecting raw ingredients that are of high-quality but cost-effective. We prioritize quality over cost to ensure each scent is long lasting, high performing and still affordable. We also use smaller batches to ensure that our overhead costs are kept low so we can pass the savings along to our customers.

How do you ensure your scents provide a luxurious experience?
Answer: In order to provide a luxurious experience with our scents, we select the finest quality ingredients to ensure our scents are long lasting, high performing, and have a consistent fragrance. We use a combination of natural and synthetic materials carefully crafted, following the rules of traditional perfumery, to create luxurious compositions that evoke memories and pleasure. We also draw inspirations from high-end niche and designer perfumes, ensuring that our scents provide a luxurious and sophisticated experience.
What characteristics make your scents the perfect choice for any occasion?
Answer: Our scents are diverse, ranging from light and airy to bold and exotic, providing something for any occasion. Our fragrances are also extremely pocket-friendly, allowing you to feel confident in your purchase, while still treating yourself to something special. We pride ourselves on providing luxurious, long-lasting, high-performing and pocket-friendly scents for every special moment.